How to play and earn in Pacific INO launchpad?

1、Can u please introduce Pacific?

Pacific is a peer-to-peer digital art market and a decentralized INO (Initial NFT Offering) launchpad for up-and-coming projects to raise capital and build a dedicated community. The project has received endorsement from some of the most eminent institutions and investors, including the Web3.0 Foundation, NGC,, PAKA etc.
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2、What is INO and what makes it special?

INO (Inital NFT Offering), created by Pacific, combines IDO and the transferrable nature of NFTs. It provides a new crowdfunding option for projects to not only raise capital but effectively maintain their communities. In an INO, project crowdfunding is opened only to holders of NFT Cards.
There will be multiple types of NFT Cards, sorted by project, fields of research, geographical location etc. so that community members with shared features can be categorized into different groups. Suppose a decentralized storage project named A based in Indonesia is launching an INO on Pacific. By participating in Project A’s INO, users get: 1) an allocation of Project A’s public sale, and 2) an NFT Card named Project A or simply Storage Card. An NFT Card gives the cardholder the right to participate in Project A as well as the right to participate in a series of projects with similar traits in the future. For example, another project in decentralized storage or another project based in Indonesia.
On the other hand, since the card is an NFT, it can circulate among users and therefore, the participation right to a stream of opportunities of selected projects. INO Cards are, in a nutshell, “a transferrable membership whose value appreciates”.

3、What is the advantage of INO compared with IDO?

First of all, Pacific users can get a series of project allocations by holding one card.
Secondly, by participating in our whitelist tasks ahead of INO, there is no fails in purchasing nor gas fee waste for cardholders;
Lastly, Pacific has higher allocation per capita (by limiting the number of cards).

4、Why should users participate in INO?

BTC hit $60,000 in the past few days, the crypto market is going up as well. Participants who take part in INO, can get benefits as below:
- Investment proceeds from the allocation of Card A;
- Appreciation of Card A;
- Airdrop and other benefits offered by Project A;
- Prospective buyback from the Pacific Platform.

5、Where is the announcement of the INO every time? How can I participate?

Pacific announces INO on our official platforms, including our TG group, community and official website as well. Participants can keep in touch with our group members and follow us on twitter to get updates.
Users can participate in the community management team by contacting with our managers.
We are recruiting ambassadors as well. People who have enthusiasm about Pacific and skills to help us expand our community, please contact with our managers.

6、Usually when people talk about NFT, they are referring to collectibles, artworks etc. INO sounds like an entirely different species.

Indeed, we do believe that NFT should be more than digital art. If we look at the market today, Axie Infinity has breached $1 billion in all-time sales, making it the highest valued NFT project in world and the highest for platforms backed by the Ethereum blockchain. Play-to-earn games like Axie Infinity are now redefining how games are monetized thanks to their crypto-based virtual economies.
This is a fair example of how people can be incentivized to participate in community building with proper economic stimulus.
However, due to its complex economic model and time-consuming game tasks, it remains a high threshold for players to participate. Take Axie Infinity for example, there are three economic factors in the game, such as SLP(love potion), Axie (baby) and AXS (game token). The game has two actions, Battle (battle) and Breeding (breeding). Different actions require different fuel (element) combinations. Under different price cycles, The correlation of different assets will affect market supply and output…
Such a complicated gaming mechanism has stopped many casual gamers.
In order to solve the problem, Pacific has innovatively developed a GameFi mining and asset custody service platform, helping more players, investors and spectators to participate in Metaverse and GameFi. The platform helps players invest in Play-to-Earn games to earn game assets and create tools that will enhance the future of meta-universe games. The platform also maximizes the utility of assets by deploying assets owned by the community, and shares the profits of assets with asset owners.
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